Using Fuzzy Logic to Control a Videogame Defenseman


Fuzzy Logic Primer

Fuzzifying Hockey

FFLL API and Spark!

Rule Generation

Final Results


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UPDATE for June 2010I have been looking over the original source code I wrote for this project and I'm surprised some of you haven't e-mailed me about it. My code is terrible in some places. I have started rewriting some of the code. There are a couple of things I'm doing. First, I'm changing all of the code to conform to recognizable coding standards just so it's easier to read. Second, I'm doing a general cleanup where I'm optimizing the code here and there and also removing sloppiness. I should be done this refactoring soon.

UPDATE for Dec. 2009The original app was built using MS VC++ 6.0. Since then, Microsoft has released several new versions of Visual Studio rendering the initial source code package useless. The source code package has now been updated so that it will compile with later versions of MS Visual Studio. It was specifically tested with Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition but should work with other, more recent flavours of VC++. Be sure to open the README.txt file and follow all the instructions in there!

Download a small clip of what the sim looks like (fuzzydef.avi - 460 Kb)

Below you'll find .zip archives for executable and source code packages. If you just want play around with the project, just download the executable package. In the unlikely event you use my code in your own work, please give me credit.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP

  • OpenGL (you most likely already have this installed, if not, click here)

  • GLUT (I've included the glut32.dll file in the zip archives, place it in your Windows/System32 directory if needed)

Exectuable Package

  • - 402 Kb

  • Extract all the files to one folder and place the glut32.dll file in your Windows/System32 directory if needed

Source Code Package (updated for Dec. 2009)

Other Links and Downloads