Saturday, February 19, 2005  


"Star Trek fans have planned a protest outside Paramount Studios because they've decided to cancel the series Enterprise. Police say if the protesters get unruly, they'll use tear gas.... or release a woman into the crowd."


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Friday, February 18, 2005  


As most of you know, Google is an extremely powerful search tool. If it's on the Internet, their Googlebot can probably find it.

What is amusing is taking a look at all the different ways Google points people to my site. Here is a list of the five most recent Google search terms that people used to get to some part of my site:

kyle boon
Ewok celebration theme lyrics
gajecki reunion
amelie's haircut
yub nub


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Wednesday, February 16, 2005  


My suggestion for lunch was featured today at Greg William's lunch at the Village blog. Note the actual price is $5.30 with tax and not $5.62 as posted.


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I am back at my apartment on-campus. I didn't get a damn thing done while at my parents' place. Nor did I get to take advantage of having a car and going to places like Wal-Mart (evil, I know), Future Shop, or Ikea.

Upon re-entering my apartment after a few days absence, I discovered how stagnant the air is in here. Smells like an ancient tomb. I've decided I'm going to buy a air purifier/cleaner tomorrow. Not an expensive one, but one that at least uses a HEPA filter.

Oh, if you're bored, take a spin around Carl, you should have told me sooner about the site. I like the pic in the lab coat.


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Monday, February 14, 2005  


Well, it's one of those years where I find myself without female companionship for Valentine's Day. Weep not for me though because it's really not a big deal. I'm not one of those types that rails against society for having a day where couples are celebrated but single people get nothing. Who cares really? In fact, I've come up a little tradition for Valentine's Day for one.

I start off the evening by cooking myself a delicious, healthy meal. Something I really like, maybe pasta with some meat, steamed vegetables, bread, and cookies for dessert. I have a bottle of red wine on hand and maybe I'll have a glass with dinner.

After I've satisfied my hunger for food, I usually depart from the dining room table and retreat to my couch in front of the TV. I make sure that the wine is with me. As I polish off the bottle of wine, I'll watch something entertaining like Dateline or 60 Minutes II. As the wine takes effect and should the fancy strike me (and it doesn't necessarily), I'll begin to practice the ancient and revered art of self-love.

When I regain the strength to get off the couch, I'll most likely then get in my car and drive off to the nearest 7-11. While there, I'll buy a two-litre bottle of Mountain Dew and a pack of Pizza Pops. When I get back home, I'll heat up three or four of the Pizza Pops and start up the latest computer game I'm playing. It's then computer games and Mountain Dew until I pass out on my keyboard. Another great Valentine's Day!

Editor's note: Try to spot all the items I actually don't own in the post I just wrote.


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I'd like to address an issue that my sister brought up during the holidays. We were watching some of her old NASCAR tapes when the subject of my blog came up. She was concerned that the contents of my blog was perhaps giving people the wrong impression of me. I asked her how this could be. She replied that my self-deprecating humour, while amazingly funny, might lead people to believe I was a fraction of the person I am. She was especially concerned that people who didn't know me very well might read my blog and think I was some sorta loser. Of most importance, was how desirable females might view me because of my blog.

I thanked her for her concern and was touched my lovely sister was looking out for her big brother. I told her that I hadn't really thought about this. Most people who read my blog usually have interacted with me at length and already have an extremely good idea of the type of person I am. I expect my readers not to use my blog to fill an empty canvas to determine who I am.

While this blog is certainly about my life, it is a filtered view of my life. I determine what goes into the blog and how I go about writing it. When you've been in showbiz as long as I have, you come to understand what entertains and what doesn't. My goal when I write to this thing is to inform and to entertain. I could do this a number of ways, but the way I've chosen is to find humour in the things that happen in my life. I think my blog would be way less interesting if I wrote about how way cool I was in every post. I honestly don't think I short-change myself when I write these posts. Just to be to be sure though, in a rare one time event, I will give you ample evidence that I don't have some distorted, negative image of myself. So here goes, you may want to pop a tape in the machine or TIVO this...

Yes, I understand I'm a decent and kind fellow, who for the most part, makes my parents very proud. I am not a dummy and I nearly have a graduate degree in engineering (just two more months to go). I do have a razor sharp wit and a great sense of humour that I inherited from my mother. I know where to get a decent haircut and am willing to spend a few extra $$$ to get it. I've been told I'm a pretty good dresser and I for sure will not turn up inappropriately dressed for your wedding. I like to take care of myself physically (without being fanatical about it) and play sports year round. I've received some positive comments about the girth of my penis. When I feel passionate about something, you can count on me to take action. I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong, and will speak up if I feel I need to. The fact that I feel so lucky to have all of you as friends tells me I'm doing something right in this life.

Ok, that's enough, I feel really weird writing all of that. Bleh! I swear to you, you won't be reading anything like that from me from now on. Woo-hoo! Back to your regularly scheduled programming!


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Sunday, February 13, 2005  


In an effort to get me back into the shape I was when I did competitive powerlifting, I've been watching what I eat. To that end, I've stayed away from snacking on chips and munching on trail mix types snacks.

Today, I picked up a bag of Sierra Mountain Mix from the fine folks at Dan-D-Pak. Near the end of the bag, I grabbed a handful of seeds, nuts, and raisins. From the rancid taste of this particular handful, I'm pretty sure I ate some rat's turds. It was awful. I spat it out, but the unpleasant taste lingered. I tried drinking some hot water to get rid of the effect.

If I don't make it, tell the world the following information that I found on the bag:

LOT: 4327

That is all.


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