Saturday, July 20, 2002  


So today, I'm at Lougheed Mall Walmart checking out their DVD section (please, no comments, there are no A&B Sound stores near my house). As I'm perusing, I overhear one dude talking to his buddy in the next section over, the video games. They were moving around slightly and a few displays were obscuring my hearing. Thus, I was not able to hear all aspects of what that one guy was saying. Nonetheless, I will attempt to transcribe his words here.

"Hey, I have this buddy, he's twenty-five... (unintelligible) ...his father... (unintelligble) EA Sports...."

"... architect... (unintelligible) ...job... (unintelligible) ...his entire job is to play games and tell the programmer about glitches and stuff... (unintelligible)"

"...he makes $113 000 a year just playing games all day... his first job at 25, and he makes $113 000 a year!"

My first instinct was to approach this individual and get the name of the person he was talking to. I thought better of it, since I was still stunned by the contents of his words. I have several comments to make about what I heard. First, I can only assume when he said EA Sports, he means EA Canada in Burnaby. Most of the public can't distinguish between a line of titles and actual studios. Second, I am highly skeptical of the salary he mentioned for what I can only assume is a testing position with QA at EA Canada. Having worked in the QA department at EA Canada for almost two years, I am almost certain no one is making $113 000 a year being just a tester. It's just not possible. Perhaps he might have been talking about a project manager, but even for a PM, $113 000 is an extremely high salary. And no PM is only 25 years old at EA Canada. The QA manager probably makes the most money within the QA department, but that position is currently held by a woman who also isn't 25 years old.

Let's just play devil's advocate for a second. What if there is a tester that is making $113 000 a year? Who would it be? From what I overheard, it appears that someone's father helped this guy get his job. This is not unheard of, but from the instances that I saw while I was a tester, no one got special salaries or anything. I am slightly out of the loop with respect to EA Canada QA now, but those who are still there might be able to get to the bottom of this.

Logically, I'm inclined to believe that this guy at Walmart doesn't know what he's talking about, or that his friend lied to him. This is the simplest explanation. However, history has shown some unbelievable decisions have been made at EA Canada. Could this be another instance of that? Only time will tell. I hope I will have more to write about this in the next few days.


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Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain

As part of my plan to spend money I don't have I bought the movie Amelie on DVD a few days ago. I was able to watch the movie tonight. My first thought was, "How is it that the same man who directed Amelie, also brought us Alien Resurrection?" Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet crafted a wonderfully made film in Amelie. A well written and superbly acted piece of cinema, it's a movie that develops a quirky personality to it, much like the title character herself. I thought Audrey Tautou was amazing playing Amelie, an introverted but imaginative young woman. The movie details her attempt to bring happiness to others while facing her own pursuit of love. And don't get me started about Amelie's haircut. I loved that little bob cut she had. Cute as a button she was!

Another thing Jeunet managed to pull off was to showcase Paris as city that I would actually want to return to. In all the movies I've seen before that had scenes in Paris, none of them really made me want to go there again. Jeunet's Paris in Amelie had a small town feel to it. There was almost a warmth or comfort to it, which is surprising since we're talking about French people here. Heh heh.

Overall, Amelie was an inspiring movie with a fascinating main character. With so many mainstream choices on the rental shelf today, it makes Amelie a clear winner.


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Thursday, July 18, 2002  


So last night, I'm tired but I'm also wide awake since I drank a whole can of Vanilla Coke, leaving me in this odd mental state. I know I should be asleep, but I don't feel like it.

Anyways, I'm meandering around the Internet, and somehow, I wind up at one of these domain registration web pages. On a whim, I try and see if a few domain names are available. Most of the ones I tried were already taken, but then I notice is free. Hmmm.... I wonder... The registration is quite cheap, about the cost of a DVD, but the other services are quite costly. You can register for just a couple bucks, but it just sits there. To do some with your domain, you have buy the other services which is when the costs really start mounting.

I almost gave up, but I started looking at other domain registration sites. I found one that offered free domain redirection and e-mail forwarding. That's a savings of about $50 USD compared to other sites. So, at around 3am in the morning I registered for

I can tell you, registration is a lot faster these days. Only two years ago, it took me days to get the keys to A mere hours after I registered for everything was up and running.

Go ahead, try visiting You can also try e-mailing me at

I really didn't need this domain, but it's kinda cool to have a Canadian presence now!

Ok, I promise no more impulse buys for the rest of the summer.


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Tuesday, July 16, 2002  



11. Can you send me a sample bullet?

No, we are sorry that we cannot send you a sample bullet. The Secret Service feels very strongly about gun safety, and that includes being accountable for all of our ammunition. In addition, we encourage kids who might come across a gun to follow these rules:

1. Stop and do not touch the gun
2. Leave the area
3. Tell an adult what you have found


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