Picnic table drunkiness...

So, I'm on my way from the bar with my beer, when I'm intercepted by Kyle Boon. He says we're going to drink at a picnic table. I say ok, but I don't see any picnic table in the darkness of the Dave's parents' backyard. Kyle is undeterred nonetheless and he leads me to this dark corner of the yard. Out of the darkness appears the shape of picnic table. We sit and drink several beers while Kyle repeatedly tells us the story about how his Hotmail got hacked into. He actually never finishes the story. Pretty soon, the beers are making their way to my bladder. I get up, make my way to the bathrooms, come back, and Kyle is yet again repeating this one part of the story. As I sit down, for some reason, I knock over a beer bottle. I take out my camera and take the above photo. That's Kyle Boon and the arm belongs to King-Wei Hor, who was nice enough to right the bottle I tipped over.

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