Bootleg DVDs

When you play the bootleg, there is no Columbia Tri-Star opening sequence. It skips directly to main menu sequence. All the menu options that are on the legitimate release can be found on the bootleg. In the legitimate release, there are animated transitions from menu screen to menu screen. In the bootleg, however, it just skips to the destination screen. A minor point, but the bootleg does lose a bit of its' shine. As far as content is concerned, nothing was missing from the bootleg with the exception of the trailers. In the legitimate release there were only two trailers anyways, but again, it's something we lose out on.

When you play the movie, there is no FBI warning or any warning at all. I guess that is to be expected, but it's weird how there is a copyright notice on the disc itself.

So, the big question remains, what is the bootleg image quality like? You can immediately tell that the quality is not as good as a legitimate release. It's plainly obvious. The image is not as sharp, and the colours are not as vibrant. Everything looks dull and washed out. Think about the difference between the image off a VHS tape and a normal DVD, that's what we're talking about here. To illustrate the difference, I took screen captures from both the bootleg and legitimate release. Unfortunately, probably due to the screen capture software, the difference is not as striking when you view the following images. In any case, have a look:

From bootleg
From the bootleg

From the legit release
From the legitimate release

One of the first things you should notice is that the legit image is much more clearer. Look at the stitching on his shoulder. On the bootleg, the stitching is fuzzy, but on the legit copy, you can almost see the threads. Also look at the scar next to his sideburn. It's clear and sharp on the legit version, but it looks like a smudge on the bootleg.

As for the colour, look at the brown camo pattern on his shoulder. On legit copy, the brown colour is deeper and richer. It's too bad I had to compare a movie that lacked a rich tapestry of colours, but you can definitely tell the bootleg is not as good.

Next, you can see more examples.


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