Monday, November 24, 2008  


This weekend, the teenage vampire/romance film Twilight was the number one movie at the box office. The movie is based off the Twilight series of books from author Stephenie Meyer. Up until perhaps a month ago, I didn't even know these books nor the film existed. Nor did I realize until then how popular the series was with young adults. Anyways, I have since found out the fans of the books are quite enthusiastic about the fiction.

Now stick with me here because this might sound a little bit strange. A few months ago, I wrote one of my much acclaimed "Brush with Greatness" series of posts. This particular post dealt with a young lady I know who auditioned for the CBS reality show Amazing Race and was chosen to be on the show but had to bow out unfortunately. "Gen" is a pretty cool individual, so it wasn't difficult to see how she was able to impress the folks at CBS.

It turns out "Gen" is also famous for another thing and she's never really mentioned this to most people in her life. "Gen" used to be an assistant at a literary agency in NYC. She was the one that read Stephenie Meyers' original submission and deemed it good enough for more consideration. The rest, as they say, is best-selling history. If you go to Ms. Meyers' web site, she credits "Gen" for her big break into the world of publishing.

Since the movie has come out, "Gen" has been inundated with dozens of friend requests on Facebook from Twilight fans. You can probably find her full name out there and the fans have been trying to somehow get closer to the world of Twilight. I believe she's politely declined all of the requests but interesting to see how pop culture works like that.

A double dose of greatness from "Gen"!


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