Thursday, March 06, 2008  


In a previous post, I detailed the less than pleasant experience I had with a Joeys restaurant on Burrard. I left feedback on their web site. In response, I was contacted by both e-mail and phone by Joeys representatives.

Today, I was finally able to speak to the regional manager of Joeys via telephone. Kent was very eager to address the concerns I brought up in my feedback. He was sincerely disappointed in the experience I had. I was told that he had personally spoken to the people working that night about what happened. He also said that my feedback was given to every single person who worked at the restaurant. Man, I hope that was done anonymously.

It was a fairly long conversation but in the end, he asked me if I would give Joeys another chance. To that end, he indicated that such a visit would be on the house. Now here's where it gets interesting. He wants me to let him know when I'll be dropping by so that he can meet me personally and ensure that I receive the best experience possible. Kent said that he wants to shake my hand and place a face with the name.

I said to him that was quite generous but I hoped that even if I didn't tell him I was coming in, any subsequent visit would be better than the first. My point was that I was concerned that because he knew I was coming in I might get preferential treatment which would be over and above what an average diner would get. He responded by saying that he hoped that there would be no difference at all if I came back time and again.

I told him I couldn't commit to anything yet but I'd be in touch if I were ready to return. He said that was fine. So I left it at that.

Now I already know what my sister is thinking. She's probably thinking this thing smells like a mob hit from a country mile away. "Shake my hand"? "Place face with a name"? I haven't seen Casino or Goodfellas but she'll likely tell me I'm gonna get whacked for sure. I think that's unlikely but hey, I'm opening myself up to getting my food spat on (not that I think that's gonna happen).

I'm still unsure if I'll take them up on their offer. On one hand, I should just go back to Earl's restaurants. They've never really given me any reason to dislike their food or service. On the other hand, Kent did seem really sincere and apologetic about the whole thing, and hey, free dinner.

Maybe in a few weeks I'll take him up on his offer but for now, I am not rushing to go back.


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