Wednesday, April 04, 2007  


I am now homefrom work. I took a taxi that EA paid for. They have a corporate account with Vancouver Taxi. It was 11:30pm and my part of the game was done. My manager saw I was still around so she told me to get a taxi voucher.

People who are working late take cabs home all the time though this was my first time. I had a friendly driver. I could have just sat in silence but you know cab drivers are in an interesting line of work. My driver had been driving for 15 years. He told me how he gets paid and how many fares he needs to get before he even breaks even. He even commented on other cab companies.

It wasn't until we were almost home when the conversation got really interesting. Taxi drivers hear a lot of weird stuff. My driver has picked up a lot of fares who are hookers. They tell him how much they made that day, how many times they've had sex, and sometimes, how they've had the sex. If you think that's wild, then there are the offers. He had one guy get on downtown near St. Paul's Hospital. While on the way to Broadway, he offered to give my driver some oral pleasure. He refused on account of him being straight and married but his fare persisted, even going to the point of offering $100. It was an offer that he turned down. Another time, he picked up a dude on Davie. This guy wanted to know if he wanted to have some fun. My driver declined the offer of sex, so his fare just asked to be dropped off on the next corner. Last but not least, he had a woman offer him money to go on a picnic in the park, complete with a picnic basket, and dancing. Apparently, she wanted to make him jealous or something.

By the time he finished telling that story, we were at my place. The fare came to $39. I feel bad now because I only gave him $6 for a tip. It should have been closer to $8. What do I care? It's EA's money. I know I'll be working late again, I'll see if he's around so I listen to the rest of his stories.


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