Wednesday, February 15, 2006  


Another Winter Olympics Games have started as most of you know. After moving venues from North America, the world has gathered in Italy. For people living in Pacific Standard Time, the time difference is a real bitch to deal with.

Italy is nine hours ahead of PSTers which makes it tough to watch most morning events unless you're unemployed or work weird hours. Consider that when it's 11am in Italy (a good time for most events to start), it's 2am here in Vancouver.

The Canadian men's hockey team will play their first game at 4am Vancouver time. It's likely that by the time you're reading this, the game will be over and done with by several hours. A part of me wants to stay up to watch just a little bit of the game. I just want to see the boys in their jerseys for a few minutes, maybe watch 'em get a comfortable lead. This would probably make work a writeoff the next day and that wouldn't be too professional.

When the Nagano games were on in 1998, I was an unemployed bum so I watched all the games live on TV, in all their 2am glory. Man, those were heady times... heady times indeed. I'm also envious of university students, who can stay up late and just skip classes the next day.

I have to say, all you EST people, those three hours do make a difference. For you guys, the hockey game is a 7am start, almost reasonable.

Well, I better head off to bed... hmm.... just three more hours to go... I wonder...


posted by Erwin | 12:39 AM
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