Mom, Dad, and myself lived in the spacious two-bedroom apartment in East Van for several wonderful years until a life-changing event occurred when I was four. One day, Mom and Dad brought home a little sister from the hospital. No, they didn't steal a baby. Anyways, from that first day my life would forever entwined with my sister Tracy. Now there were two human beings on this Earth who were the children of Anita and Stanley Tang. What a burden to bear! Ha ha ha.... ahem, just kidding Mom.

Geez, when does she stop doing that?

Come on admit it, you like the shirt
It took a while to get used to another person in the apartment, but it was pretty cool having Tracy as a little sister. She got her own set of toys and I always had someone to play with. Plus, my Mom gave me a bowl cut and dressed me in the loudest clothes the 70s could offer. You know I lived the first six years of my life in the 70s. Taking that into consideration, I was lucky that decade didn't influence me at all. What the hell was that shirt all about?

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