Yay for baseball!

In early August, Electronic Arts Canada brought the Triple Play team down to Seattle for the day to watch a Mariner's game. After all, you can't expect to make a great baseball game without seeing the game live once in a while! Members from both the Funatic and QA team made it to Safeco Field. We numbered about 30. EA got us seats along the first base line in the 37th row. The seats were pretty good. The following set of pictures were taken by Peter Trenouth. Thanks Petey!

In this first picture, we see myself (on the right) and Chris Dumaresq (on the left) sharing a candid moment in the stands. I seemed pleased at something as I look approvingly at Chris. Chris seems content to look at my crotch.

 Safe at home!  Give me some space! Next batter!

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