Joanna Wenman

Joanna, I'd like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in this interview for Most people probably don't know who you are. Why don't you start by telling our readers how long we've known each other, and how and why we met.
Let's see. We have known eachother since Senior High School and met at
Centennial. I am pretty sure that it was in grade 12. You knew my best
friend and she introduced us and we became good friends.
We both went to UBC and the first year I commuted while you lived in
Hamber. My best friend lived in Totem Residences..don't know the house she was in. Commuting sucked so when it was time to move to dorm, you both provided some good feedback as to why I should move into which residence. Your comments were a little bit more persuasive so I moved into your dorm. Four floors up from you actually.

We also lived together in the Hamber House at the Place Vanier Residences at UBC for two years. Looking back on that time, what thoughts do you have?
Honestly Erwin, those were probably the most care free days. What do you have to worry about? Getting some good grades and making sure you eat before the caf closes. Nice life.

What the craziest thing you saw or heard at Hamber?
For those involved, I will keep those comments to myself, but waking up
one morning and finding construction pylons in our hallways would rank
right up there.

I have my own bathroom now at St. John's College, that's a far cry from what we had at Vanier isn't it?
Having your own bathroom is very nice. It is bad on orientation that they
tell you NOT to have sex in the bathtub and to not do your business in the
bathtub. And one shower sucked!!!!

Speaking of bathrooms, are the bathrooms in your house clean right now?
Um.....Since you aren't going to be there for a while, yes, yes it is

Toilet paper. Hang over or hang under?

You were gracious enough to invite me to your wedding. I got really drunk there and wound up dancing at another wedding. Do you remember that?
Of course I remember that. It is a great story to tell people.
Meanwhile, another couple is fighting, two other guys passed out in their
vehicle they were so drunk. All good.

What was the best memory from your wedding?
Honestly, there are a lot of them, but probably when the church doors
opened and I saw Tim at the end of the aisle. Yes, sappy I know.

Tell us a bit about your husband. What's his name and what does he do?
Well, his name is Timothy Patrick Wenman. There is a lot to this guy.
He used to be a pharmaceutical rep. He then went back to school a couple of years ago to BCIT. His program was Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Conservation. He graduated in May and got the Dean's award....not too shabby!
Now he is working for the Pacific Salmon Commission but his goal is to be a conservation officer.

Joanna, you've always given me the best and most level-headed advice I've ever heard in my life. From the peanut butter crisis of '95 to the time I didn't wear underwear for a week in '99, you've helped me through thick and thin. What's your secret for being such a dependable person?
Honestly, because I am so screwed up : )
Actually, I couldn't tell you, but thanks for the compliment.

Here's a test for your advice giving skills. I'm at KFC and I'm about to order a 20-piece barrel of chicken. I can have either Extra-Crispy or Original Recipe, but not both. What do I pick for my barrel of chicken?
Which do you prefer?

Hey, speaking of underwear, what do you think of thong underwear hanging out the back of women's jeans these days?
Well, underwear is meant to be under you peekaboo...buuuuuut, (no pun is intended there) if that is going to happen, may it be on a nice butt. It should not be on a big butt! People should know what to wear and what their bodies can pull off...

What does your husband think of thong underwear hanging out the back of women's jeans these days?
Probably the same as you. The more the better! Again, on a nice butt.

Old School. Exploitative, drivel-filled comedy? Or one of the funniest films of the decade?
Unfortunatly, I didn't get a chance to watch it :(

Are you a morning person or a night-owl?
You are talking to a morning person. Get up early and get crap done out
and out of the way so you don't have to deal with it the rest of the day.

I'm a certified night-owl. Do you agree that 9am is just too damn early for me to start work?
ummm, Erwin, get up and go to work.

Have you ever been one item over at an express checkout line at the supermarket?
Hell, I have been three over!

I was at Ikea last weekend. They're always hot women at Ikea. Can you tell me why?
They are an equal opportunity establishment. All the people they hire
are equally attractive.

Joanna, on behalf of everyone here at, we'd like to thank you for answering our questions. Before wrapping this up, is there anything you'd like to say to the other readers of
No matter what anyone tells you Erwin, you are ok in my books.

Thank you.
Thank you.

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