Nic Clarke

Nic, I'd like to thank you for making yourself available to With the current labour action going on at UBC, I know you're a busy guy.
No worries - I'm happy I've finally been judged worthy of a place on (the testing process was exhausting)!

Why don't you tell our readers what you're studying at UBC?
How long to you have? I study history. More specifically I am interested in the way in which children with disabilities have been treated in the past.

As your lovely fiancée alluded to in her interview, you're from New Zealand. What differences have you seen between Canada and your native land? Any similarities?
You have bears! You have beers! Seriously speaking the similarities between New Zealand and B.C. are quite astounding. Its all the snow and French out east that scares me.

You're a big Lord of the Rings fan I understand. What does it mean to you to have a fellow New Zealander making the movies and shooting it in New Zealand?
Great. However, I am kinda sad that LoTR is the only thing most people know about New Zealand. New Zealand is a lot more than just a big film set full of extra's dressed as Orcs. No really, it is!

We've had this debate privately before, but I'd like to share it with our readers here. You own a Lord of the Rings t-shirt. Now that you're engaged, I think you've been given full license to wear that shirt wherever and whenever you want. After all, you don't have anyone to impress anymore, you've found your love. You could wear black socks and sandals and Lord of the Rings t-shirts everyday and Marcia would still love you. In a way, I'm envious. What's your comment on this?
Not quite true. Maybe I don't have to shave as much as I use to (and we all know how Marcia feels about beards) but I think she'd draw the line at me wearing that T-shirt everyday (even every week). Her love for me might tolerate it for a while, but her fashion sense would soon kick in. Let's also not forget she often doesn't need to say anything because you say it for her…

When are you going to get a new computer?
Shut up! I know its old but it works (kinda).

My sources tell me you like to get up at unGodly early hours. Why are you waking up when you could still be sleeping in a warm and soft bed?
Protestant work ethic…not that I really do any work. Come to think of it I think I have a Protestant Procrastination ethic.

If you had it your way, would I be at your wedding?

Below is a picture of three women. If you could pick one, who would you want me to go out on a date with?

The quirky French one on the bottom. No, don't ask me why.

We talked about going to a strip joint in early September. Do you think we'll ever go to one?
No comment (Are you trying to get me killed? LOL).

Would you believe I've never gone to a strip joint?
No I don't believe it. You know where all of them are in Vancouver (and probably the rest of B.C. as well)!

If we went to a strip joint, would you wear your Lord of the Rings t-shirt for me?
Yes - I think Marcia would demand I wear it.

You're currently on strike as a TA here at UBC. How do you feel about being on strike and how do you feel about how UBC has acted thus far in negotiations?
As much as I would like to rant I won't. I will say that the administration is MOST DEFINITELY NOT bargaining in good faith and that I am disgusted in the manner it has conducted itself (I most definitely am not a "kid" and - despite what Martha might think - I do consider TAing part of my career path). The misinformation (and down right lies) that it has been spreading to the public and undergraduate students is despicable (as is the amount of money they have been using to spread it - 10,000's of dollars a weekend - when it has been pleading poverty to those who deserve a wage increase)! The sooner the administration realizes that it is running a public institution for higher learning an not some nineteenth century sweatshop the better.

Do you remember the first time you met me?
Yes, the new residents welcome dinner at St John's College. I brought you a drink and then we danced 'til the sun came up (ooops, not that last part isn't right - that what happened when I met Marcia).

Do you remember what we talked about?
Michael's Fine Arts project I think (The visual beauty of mugshots???).

You and I play on possibly the worst ball hockey team to have ever been fielded at UBC. I know you've never played hockey before. What's your experience been like playing Canada's game?
Its fun, losing doesn't bother me…I'm just said I missed that number 15 guy from last Thursday because of my knee injury giving him some hell would have made my night. I still can't believe you missed my first body check (yes, yes I know body checking isn't allowed in ball hockey but he ran into me…honest ref, honest!)

I've never been to breakfast here at SJC. Can you tell me what it's like?

You're the only person I know who can read 100 page in a night and actually get something out of it. Tell us your secret.
Its just something that comes with the territory in Arts.

What's your preference, a really good hot dog, or a really good slice of pizza?
Pizza every time.

Betty or Veronica?
You've lost me there.

I've been playing the lottery lately. Could you give me six numbers for Lotto 6/49?
1 33 23 9 14 37 7

You've played rugby once or twice before, can you tell us about your worst injury suffered during play?
I am not sure if this counts. I broke for ribs at Wednesday night practice and then played a game on the Saturday because I didn't know they were broken (I thought they were only bruised). Let me tell you tackling someone when you have broken ribs is certainly no fun. Still doesn't beat my father's compound fracture or my brother's three concussions though… Ah rugby what a game!

Have you ever been caught naked in public?
Not yet...

Nic, on behalf of everyone here at, we'd like to thank you for answering our questions. Before wrapping this up, is there anything you'd like to say to the other readers of
Now you've put me on the spot! Hows'bout those Canucks? (Is that okay?). Seriously, I just like to say what a great guy you are Erwin. Your friendship has really made moving to Canada a lot easier for me. Thanks.

Thank you.
Thank you.

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