Marcia George

Thanks for doing the very first interview. I have no clue how good of an interviewer I am. You're very brave. Lets start off with telling our readers what you're studying in.
I am an MA student in Asia Pacific Policy Studies (MAPPS) at the Institute of Asian Research. I primarily study the impact of natural resource depletion in human security in the Asia Pacific region.

When will you be done school?
August 2003 - fingers crossed!

Where are you from originally?
From Toronto originally but I moved to West Vancouver when I was six and a half so I really consider Vancouver my home.

What made you decide to live at St. Johns College?
There was no way that Nic (my partner) and I could handle sleeping in a single bed and living at my Mum's in West Vancouver for a year. We didn't get the warmest welcome from the OTHER college on campus and the administration at St. John's seemed really nice when we applied so here we are!!!

How do you like it here so far?
I like it. I do have a couple of issues e.g. the steak and the unnecessary social cliques in the college but other than that I really like it here. Very handy commute!

You live here with your fiancée correct?

What's his name?

What's his story?
He is from Christchurch, New Zealand. We met in Japan where we were both teaching English. He is a graduate student in History here at UBC.

How did he propose to you?
On his birthday last year. We went to his parent's holiday home in Kaikoura NZ and when we arrived he insisted that we go grocery shopping. So, we headed off to the shops (with a full backpack... which kind of gave it away) and on the way to the shops there is this path (Dimpsey's Path) with a lovely bench overlooking the bay. Nic said that he wanted to stop to take a photo but instead of pulling out his camera, he pulled out a ring, a bottle of champagne and two glasses. It was really nice! We never made it to the grocery store.

Your room is bigger than mine, how do you feel about that?
Well, to be honest I am not that bothered by it. We let you come around and hang out a lot so I think that that more than makes up for room size difference. I have even offered you freezer space for your bacon!

How long have you been reading
Since I met you in September. I must admit that I don't check as much as I should, or as much as Nic, but if I haven't seen you for a couple of days then I usually scan the blog to see what you are up to.

After getting over the initial shock of the poor design, why did you continue visiting?
The blog... and because the overall written style makes me laugh.

You see a lot more of womens thong underwear these days, is this a good thing or a bad thing?
It really depends. Sometimes I have issues with it. For example, when you go to the shopping centre and there is a pack of young teenage girls with their mid-drifts/thongs hanging out above the top of their very LOW cut jeans. When I see that kind of stuff I think back to my own youth days and I am sure that I had no idea what a thong was. Do their mothers know that they are wearing that kind of underwear or is it like when I was a kid and had to sneak mascara out of the house? Mascara and a thong are in totally different categories... what's next?

Have you ever eaten anything that fell on the floor? If so, how long was it before you picked it up and put it in your mouth?
I am sure that I have abided by the 3 second rule but there is a chance that it could have been a split second longer before I picked the food up, dusted it off and ate it. I must say, this has been the most difficult question to answer so far. I feel kind of gross admitting this...

Do you know what supermodels are?

Is there any reason why I wouldnt make a good boyfriend for a supermodel?
Not one... except maybe your academic drive but I am sure that could be modified. In fact, from recent tales about you and dating I think that you probably have amazing potential to reach supermodel status!

What's in your fridge right now?
Water, eggs, yogurt, ketchup, cheese, leftovers and today's lunch.

Would you ever put your thong underwear in the fridge?
I would have to say no. It would feel too much like a wet bathing suit to put on. Why? Do people do that?
[Ed. - I don't think so]

After you, who's the hottest woman here at St. Johns College?
That is a tough one. I am going to have to go with Miss SJC #2 because of her perfect mouth and amazing lips. Hottest guy (after Nic) would be the model / MBA student who lived down the hall from you but moved out before Christmas.
[Ed. - Miss SJC #1 is smokin' too, but yeah Miss SJC #2 is quite the stunner!]

How do you find the food here?
Pretty good. I find that we get a lot of red (very red) meat which I am not overly keen on. I am trying to opt for the vegetarian option from time to time.

What's the worst meal you've had here?
I have to say that the worst thing that I have eaten here was that Iranian yellow rice dessert that tasted like air-freshner/ roses. That was revolting!

What's the best meal you've had here?
I really liked the first buffet dinner that we had in September... the night that Nic and I met you. They served an amazing seafood salad that I have been craving ever since.

Do you like hanging the toilet paper over or under the roll?

Have you ever needed toilet paper after a meal here at St. Johns?
Yes, I have.

Do you agree that people should call, even if its bad new, cause its just common courtesy isn't it?
For sure.

What did you get for Christmas?
This year was really good. I got a lot of things that we really needed e.g. a toaster oven, pots and pans and a great bean bag thing that you heat up in the microwave and put around your neck when you are stressed/tense in the shoulders.

What did you do over the holiday break?
Family stuff and went up to Whistler with friends for 4 days over New Years.

What's your opinion on soft-core porn?
I think that it could be better. The stuff that I have been known to watch on CityTV on Friday nights tends to get boring due to lack of interesting story line and I seem to end up turning it off.

Would you like it if someone gave you soft-core porn for Christmas?
I would be surprised. Other types of paraphernalia would go over much better.

Marcia, on behalf of everyone here at, wed like to thank you for answering our questions. Before wrapping this up, is there anything you'd like to say to the other readers of
Yes, I can't believe that you are leaving off the interview with that question! However, it has been a pleasure and once again I am sorry for the delay in getting these answers back to you. Hey, one more thing... why was I the first to be interviewed?

Honestly, I thought you give me some great answers... plus, I doubt anyone else would have agreed to it. Thank you.

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